From the Podium: Taza


Cantaré Children's Choir is pleased to announce the final concert of the season for our Cantaré ensemble TAZA ...AMAZE on Saturday, June 1 at 7:30 PM at St. Stephen's Church.  This concert will feature music from three centuries of song including works by masters such as JM Haydn, Hasse, Galuppi as well as contemporary composers Bob Chilcott, Eleanor Daley and David Brunner.   It promises to be an uplifting event!


About the Concert

Our Spring concert TAZA [Sarcee/Tsuu T’ina: Amaze] presents Cantaré, our premier performing ensemble, on their own for a chance to present a vignette of their musical journey this season. Cantaré has been through their own journey of amazement this year: We launched our new Remembrance Day series, explored a Nordic Christmas celebration with Maestro Rune Bergmann, and even journeyed to the lands of Middle Earth performing The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Cantaré has brought their heart and soul into every program and it has shown through a string of stellar performances. Our spring concert is always an important part of our chorister’s musical journey: Unlike our other concerts in the year, this production gives Cantaré the opportunity to shoulder the entire musical workload of a concert and work on their concert stamina as they bring an entire program to life. This gives the children a chance to truly own the stage and show our audience all they have accomplished in an incredible season.

Cantare Always shines in their June solo concert at St Stephen’s

About the Music

Our concert begins with our Masterworks segment which is loaded with gems old and new. Three to note are Ruth Watson-Henderson’s Come Ye Makers of Song, Michael Braz’s Jubilate Deo, and Baldassare Galuppi’s Dixit Dominus which have all become staples for Cantaré Children’s Choir – It is very rare that a chorister passes through our program without performing them at least once. There are many pieces like that in our repertoire which seem to pass through generations of choristers as the journey of learning each piece brings with it a multitude of important musical lessons. While some of the most difficult repertoire in our library, pieces like this are recounted among our choristers’ favorites as the thrill of overcoming the challenge of the music brings with it immeasurable joy. All three of these works require an immense force at the piano, and we are once again thrilled to be joined by collaborative pianist Jack Olszewski who brings each melody to life with incredible musicality and artistry.

Orchestra on the Small Stage

This season, the choir’s season featured numerous performances with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. Along with Nordic Christmas gems and our recent triumphant production of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, one memory that stands out is our performance of Larysa Kuzmenko’s Behold the Night which is based on text from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We performed the work for children’s chorus and orchestra twice this season with the CPO in the fall and again at Christmas. This was a rare opportunity for the children to perform as the centrepiece of an orchestral concert and they did not disappoint. We will perform the work on this concert with Jack acting as our orchestra – a task he accomplishes with incredible ease.

Cantare performing Behold the Night with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra  at “Rune’s Christmas”

Cantare performing Behold the Night with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra at “Rune’s Christmas”

All Roads Lead to New Orleans

British Composer Bob Chilcott

British Composer Bob Chilcott

We will soon be departing for our concert tour to New Orleans where we will be participating in the Crescent City Choral Festival with choirs from all over the world. This year’s festival will be led by world-famous British composer and conductor Bob Chilcott. Over the years, we have performed many of Chilcott’s works and many of his compositions are amongst our choristers’ favorite pieces to perform. Of the three we will be performing on this program, Like a Singing Bird sits particularly close to the hearts of many of our choristers. Cantaré Children’s Choir was part of a consortium of 20 choirs who commissioned the work in 2007 at Chorus America’s 30th anniversary conference. There is something special about knowing you helped bring a new musical work into the world. Like a Singing Bird combines two poems by Christina Rossetti (1830-94) and Robert Burns (1759-96) interweaving a story of endless joy and exuberance. Chilcott gives these classic melodies new life and a thrilling purpose as the melodies dance back and forth. We will also be adding Chilcott’s The Lily and the Rose and Look to this Day! to the performance to give you a taste of our upcoming tour experience. 

Louisiana is a cultural tapestry of shared heritages and new beginnings for numerous ethnicities over the course of history. We will be performing three folk song arrangements by Susan Brumfield which highlight that history in Creole lullaby Salangadou, Cajun Quodlibet P’tit Galop, Colinda, and Acadian folk song La Violette. We have been devoting time to learn about the history of these groups from the expulsion of the Acadians to the colonial impacts of French and Spanish settlers in Louisiana. Learning local folk songs like these are just the tip of the iceberg of our choristers’ learning process for a tour.

In preparation for this musical celebration, think on what amazes you. Who inspires you? What gives you purpose? For many of our singers, the joyous experience of making music connects down to a deep love for things unseen and a desire to find a common purpose in song. Cantaré has experienced an incredible season this year. This final concert will also serve a celebration of accomplished milestones and stand in appreciation of all the ensembles have accomplished. As with all our spring concerts, it promises to be an uplifting event!


Concert Information

Location: St Stephen’s Anglican Church

Saturday, June 1st 2019 7:30PM