Vördnad (Swedish) – To inspire or fill with awe…

Cantaré Children's Choir is pleased to announce the final concert of the season for our younger ensembles Cantilena and Cantiga as they present "Vördnad ... Awe" on Saturday, May 4 at 7:30 PM at St. Stephen's Church.  

So much of choral music is stitched together by a reverence for life and all the world’s wonders. Music is filled with heart stopping moments, amazement, wonderment, and admiration for the human spirit. Vördnad represents the joining of old and new as you experience an exuberant presentation of three centuries of song. We begin with works by master composers such as Bach, Handel, and Scarlatti but quickly turn to the new sounds of present day choral music by highlighting the works of contemporary spirits like Neil Ginsberg, Mary Goetze and Rollo Dillworth.  The program explores provoking texts from the minds of Robert Frost, Robert Burns, and Emily Dickinson to create a journey of discovery. The choir will be joined by violinist Mary Jane Vanderkerkhove to augment the gorgeous singing and bring classical compositions to life.


“For many of our singers, the joyous experience of making music connects down to a deep love for things unseen”

In preparation for this musical celebration, think on what brings awe into your world. What inspires you? What gives you purpose? For many of our singers, the joyous experience of making music connects down to a deep love for things unseen and a desire to find a common purpose in song.

Cantilena and Cantiga have experienced an incredible season this year that has witnessed amazing growth and development for each chorister and for each ensemble. This final concert will be a celebration of accomplished milestones and stand in appreciation of all the ensembles have achieved. Our May concert is always a special one because it gives these younger ensembles the chance to claim the spotlight for their own and showcase their incredible work. As with all of our spring concerts, it promises to be an uplifting event!


Concert information

Date: Saturday May 4, 2019

Location: St Stephen’s Anglican Church