2018 CASH CALENDAR LOTTERY License # 470414

January 24, 2018

January 29, 2018 

February 7, 2018  

February 12, 2018

February 21, 2018    

February 26, 2018

March 3, 2018   

March 10, 2018

March 14, 2018

March 19, 2018

April 11, 2018      

April 16, 2018

April 25, 2018

May 5, 2018

May 9, 2018       

May 16, 2018  

May 23, 2018

May 30, 2018     

June 9, 2018    




















Fiona McMillin

Bing Hai Wu

Laura Lovett

Dianne Tomko-Baker

Jennifer Scammell

Richard Li

Kesley Brisebois

Carolyn Larsen

Frank Nocera and Rob Sim

Blaine Frehlich

Myra Sheila Manuel

Jeffrey Baker

Ron Piggin

Katherine Roblin

Karen Scarlett

Christie Wayde

Bastiaan Straatman

Carol Dickson

Paulina Pieronowska

NOTE:  Tickets #578, #704, #1043, #1323, #1511 were not sold and have been lost.

These tickets will not be part of the 2018 Cash Calendar draws


Amazing Coupon books

Most people in Calgary are very familiar with these coupon books – they are very reasonably priced and have lots of popular coupons inside.


BOTTLE DRIVE [September and April] 

Each year we set out to do our part for the environment and raise some money at the same time during this super-fun one-day fundraiser. Choristers and parent drivers canvas designated neighborhoods asking for bottle donations; other parent volunteers hang out at the bottle depot working on their counting and sorting skills! It's amazing how much you can raise in such a short time frame.



If you already subscribe to a magazine or two, this one is simple. By ordering new subscriptions or renewing your favourites through Cantaré, it costs you NO MORE, yet the profit stays in our choir community. There are over 700 magazines to choose from and magazines make great gifts! You can renew a magazine from the selection online anytime during the current season; Cantaré Children's Choir benefits from all subscriptions ordered until the end of the season. 

Visit:, Cantaré Campaign Code: AB2501.



These two projects are one that you DON'T want to miss. Our growerprovides INCREDIBLE quality and very competitive prices for something that everyone usually purchases in the Spring. Those who didn't order were extremely disappointed when they saw the exceptional quality. Lilies and Hydrangeas are delivered just before Easter. We aim for delivery of the Bedding Out plants in late May. You can either add to Golden Acres' profit margin or you can help the choir!



Gift cards for CO-OP and Safeway are on sale at every rehearsal.  Five percent of all grocery cards you buy or sell earns credit towards your child’s tour cost this summer, or helps to support Cantaré Children’s Choir. This is a great way to raise funds while purchasing the things you would be buying anyway!  You can let us know your order in advance, and we’ll be sure to have your gift cards ready and waiting for you at sign in. 



Cantaré Children's Choir Society held its last casino in June2015.  Although the money earned is restricted in its use, many of our expenditures do qualify. Our next casino fundraiser is scheduled forFebruary 14-15, 2017.. 



Looking for a fun night out – just adults – and a chance to support Cantaré?  Dinner, drinks, 50/50 and a silent auction all wrapped into one. Choir families and local businesses donate items; everyone gets the chance to go home with something special!  Our 2012 Pub Night earned over $8200 in profits.



These ever-popular and very delicious Calgary made sausages will be available for BBQ season.



Invest in Success


Invest in Success

As a community children's choir program, we rely on the support that is so generously provided to us by individuals, businesses and corporate donors.  If you or your business is interested in helping to enrich the lives of Calgarians, please consider making a donation to our program.  Our needs range from bursaries and music library acquisitions (in memory of a loved one or in honour of a special occasion!) to capital acquisitions and tour funding.

Cantaré Children's Choir is incorporated as a non-profit organization in the province of Alberta and is recognized by Revenue Canada as a charitable organization.  As such, we issue Income Tax Receipts for gifts and charitable donations.  Please contact our office to coordinate your donation. 

Become a donor

Cantare Children's Choir is known for the exceptional way it fosters growth in our young singers so that each child can be nurtured in their musical, educational, leadership, and social development. Cantare's many successes are built not only by the dedication and efforts of our singers, but also on the unwavering support of our families, volunteers, community groups, governmental agencies businesses, and corporations.

We invite you to make an 'investment in success' through your contribution to one of our funds:

Artistic Director's Discretionary Fund

Enables many creative ideas to come to fruition... this includes commissioning composers to write new music for the choir, enabling artistic collaborations, recordings, touring, as well as bolstering recruitment and outreach to bring more children to cantare.

Music Library Fund

Enables the purchase of music resources for all of our ensembles. Sponsor music to celebrate an occasion, in memory/honor of a loved one, or just because. Music library donors are listed alongside the pieces they sponsor in programs they are performed on as well as recognized on the sheet music used by our choristers.

Bursary Fund

Enables choristers with limited financial resources to participate in the choir experience from rehearsals to retreats and touring. Even the smallest amount can go a long way in making music more accessible for a child.

Performance fund

Enhances the experience for singers and audiences through the addition of instrumentalists, purchase of new instruments, staging, lighting name a few.

Card Fund

Send a card to someone special letting them know a donation has been made in their honor. They receive a personalized card with your message an you will receive a tax receipt. Suitable for birthdays, anniversaries, condolences, in memory of, thank you, in appreciation, or just because!



Friends and Collaborators

  • Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Paul Dornian

  • Calgary Opera Association, Keith Cerny

  • Calgary Civic Symphony, Rolf Bertsch

  • Festival Chorus, Mel Kirby

  • Calgary Bach Festival Society, Terry Edwards

  • Calgary Pro Musica Society, Dean O'Brien

  • Spiritus Chamber Choir, Tim Shantz

  • Luminous Voices, Timothy Shantz

  • Calgary Wind Symphony, Jeremy Brown

Music Library Fund

  • Steven Anderson and Deana Lee

  • ATCO Power Canada Ltd.

  • Gwen ande David Baker

  • Dorothy Baker

  • Clare Beers

  • Jenny Belzberg

  • Birte and Dick Bergman

  • Michelle Bozynski and Paul Labrecque

  • Sam Cabrera

  • Janet and Adam Chafe

  • Catherine and Stan Climie

  • Sari Czink and Rod Place

  • Tanis Fioritti and Mark Johnson

  • Allan and Gloria Fradsham

  • Rhonda and Bruce Francis

  • Karen Fruetel and Michael Leaker

  • Cheryl Gibson-Allegro and Ross Allegro

  • Teresa and Damian Gillies

  • Catherine Glaser-Climie

  • Dory Glaser-Watson

  • jan and Lloyd Hakl

  • Jenny Huang and Tom Wu

  • Holly and Kiley Hykawy

  • The Kathol Family

  • Tammy and Don Kozlowski

  • Laura Hambley Lovett and Scott Lovett

  • Matt and Debbie Lowe

  • Fred Mahler

  • Susan and Eric McKay

  • Julianne and Lachlin McKinnon

  • Evan, Laura and Elliot Mounce

  • Jeffrey and Amy Nielsen

  • Carey and Steve Patterson

  • The Plewes family

  • Jim and Jill Read

  • Brenda and Jeff Reid

  • Victoria and Patricia Rodberg

  • Lisa and Laverne Rude

  • Christine Renz and Ben van den Berg

  • Rick and Margaret Solinger

  • Jean and Julius Sult

  • Lili and Bandi Szakony

  • Alice Thomas

  • Emma and John Thompson

  • Team Brenda 5

  • Turandot Opera Choristers

  • Philip and Mary Jane vandekerkhove

  • Leslie, Paul, James and Jean Waite

  • Tieshan and Xu Wang

  • Don Wales and Marie Ange Willett

  • Connie and Ted Weryshko

  • Bill and Mary Ann Wiegert

  • Debra Wood-Zybutz

  • Kelli and Geoffrey Wreford

  • United Way


  • Adagio Yoga, Brenda Reid

  • BandiPhotoGraphy, Bandi Szakony

  • Calgary Bach Society, Terry Edwards

  • Calgary Civic Symphony, Rolf Bertsch

  • Calgary Opera Association, Keith Cerny

  • Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Paul Dornian

  • Cantaré Music Services, Catherine Glaser-Climie

  • Canadian Music Centre, John Reid

  • Field of Crosses, Murray McCann

  • Luminous Voices, Timothy Shantz

  • Lutheran Church of the Cross

  • Patrick Kornak Photography

  • Rozsa Foundation

  • St. Stephen's Anglican Church

  • Spiritus Chamber Choir, Tim Shantz

Artistic Director's Discretionary Fund

  • ATCO Power Canada Ltd.

  • David and Gwen Baker

  • Jenny Belzberg

  • Beverly Berkhold

  • The Benevity Community Impact Fund

  • Marlene and Jim Blair

  • Meredith and Patrick Cashion

  • Cenovus Employee Foundation, Teishan Wang

  • Conoco Phillips, Jim Read

  • G. Brent Cooper Professional Corporation

  • Culture Connect Ltd., Jim Read

  • Delta Calgary South, Yvette DeGagne

  • Encana Cares Foundation, Rick Solinger

  • Rhonda and Bruce Francis

  • Karen Fruetel and Michael Leaker

  • Deb and Matt Lowe

  • McCann Family Foundation

  • Murray and Carole McCann

  • Murphy Oil, Ernest SPurgeon

  • Dory Glaser-Watson and Neil Watson

  • Cameron Plewes

  • Shell Canada, Sabrina Rongxia Cheng

  • Stephen and Joanne Spurgeon

  • Syncom Consulting Inc., Damian Gillies

  • United Way of Calgary

  • Paul Waite

  • Mary Annand William Wiegert

  • Shelley Wong

Gift in Kind

  • AMD Transport

  • Blaine Chapman Music Library

  • Renate and Marvin Erickson

  • Lloyd Gauthier

  • Dory Glaser-Watson

  • Lindal Hepner

  • Kamp Kiwanis

  • Don Kozlowski

  • Chuck Lameroux

  • Canadian Legacy Project, Dave Howard

  • McCann Family Foundation

  • Cameron Plewes

  • Margaret Solinger

  • Syncom Consulting Inc., Damian GIllies

  • United Safety Limited

Corporate Partners

  • AMD Transport , Art O’Dwyer

  • BandiPhotoGraphy, Bandi Szakony

  • BMO Glenmore Landing

  • Classical Movements, Neeta Helms

  • The Digital Post Macleod Trail, Kassie Harder

  • First Class Flowers, Wendi van Oosterhout

  • Go Red Promotions, Kristina Berg

  • Graphics 4 You, Tamara Kilvington

  • Hexagon Studios, Mark Ellestad

  • Holiday Cleaners

  • Kamp Kiwanis,

  • Knox United Church, Sue Forsyth

  • Leslie Music Supply, Joan Leslie

  • Long and McQuade Music, Ray

  • Melody Lane Piano, Steven Shu

  • R & S Business Equipment, Ramsay Kamis

  • Red Arrow Buslines

  • Sewing Studio, Eva Gugala

  • Syncom Consulting Inc., Damian Gillies

  • Tributes Promotional Products, Neil Almond

  • Van Helden Agencies Ltd. Brenda Sawers

Bursary Fund

  • Anonymous x 2

  • Dorothy Baker

  • Madeleine Demers

  • Dianne Fortier

  • Dory Glaser-Watson and Neil Watson

  • Murphy Oil Company Ltd.

  • Earnest Spurgeon

  • Joanne and Stephen Spurgeon

  • Syncom Consulting Inc., Damian and Teresa Gillies

  • Barbara Storwick

  • Faye Larsen Turnbull

Government and Funding Agencies

  • Alberta Foundation for the Arts

  • Alberta Lottery Fund

    • Community Spirit Program, Culture and Community Spirit

    • Community Initiatives Program

  • Calgary Arts Development Authority

  • Canada Summer Jobs [Human Resources and Skill Development Canada]

  • Rozsa Foundation

  • Southern Alberta Opera Development Foundation

  • Summer Temporary Employment Program [STEP]

Tour Fund

  • Bandi Photography

  • Cookbook Co. Cooks, Gail Norton

  • River Café, Sal Howell


Card Fund

  • Gloria and Stephen Ross

Performance Fund

  • Meredith and Patrick Cashion

  • Joanne and Steve Spurgeon

  • John Thompson


In Memoriam

In Memory of Patti-Lou Doornbos

  • Rhonda and Bruce Francis

In Memory of Dorothy Baker

  • Richard and Margaret Baker

  • Kristina and Keeven Berg

  • Patricia and Dennis Morey

  • Mary Ann and William Wiegert


Ladies Luncheon Donors 2018

Hilary Argento

Gwen Baker

Laura Baker

Susan Bannister

Joan Barrett

Jane Beeksma

Birte Bergman

Beverly Berkhold

Elizabeth Bourque

Michelle Bozynski

Michelle Brooks

Karen Cooper

Sari Czink

Janice Dickson

Lizie Dunling-Smith

Debbie Ekkel

Tanis Fioritti

Jolanta Genderka

Paulina Genderka

Teresa Gillies

Lorna Gladman

Karen Fruetel

Kathryn Gerling

Catherine Glaser-Climie

Dory Glaser-Watson

Janice Hakl

Donna Horton

Laura Holck

Holly Hykawy

Carolyn Hyndman

Melanie Jerrom

Tammy Kozlowski

Deb Lowe

Erin MacLean-Berko

Rhonda McAndrews

Ellie McCullough

Anna McVea

Carol Mitchell

Sylvia Mogensen

Brigitte Molyneux

Jennifer Munro

Helena Nohra

Lola Omar

Betty Plewes

Patti Pon

Christa Range

Tracy Range Huthersall

Farinaz Razi

Betty Rossier

Jill Rossier

Susan Schalin

Laura Stow

Katherine Veitch

Allison Veldkamp

Connie Weryshko

Elaine Weryshko

Debra Wood-Zybutz

Dorothy Woolstencroft

Tingting Zhang

Alberta Theatre Projects

Calgary Opera

Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

Calgary Pro Musica Society

Cantare Music Services

Catherine Glaser-Climie

Luminous Voices

Marvin Erickson

River Cafe, Sal Howell

Spiritus Chamber Choir

The Cookbook Co. Cooks, Gail Norton


Man Enough to Sing Donors 2018

Dick Bergman

Gavin Biton

Leo Brooks

Sam Cabrera

Graeme Climie

Stan Climie

Bob Corrigan

Lloyd Gauthier

Damian Gillies

John Hawke

Phil Holck

Aaron Janzen

Patrick Kornak

Don Kozlowski

Paul Labrecque

Cory Lake

Dean Larsen

Adam Legge

Barry Lister

Ian Lunt

Fred Mahler

Jeff Nielsen

Bill Ogilvie

Gordon Olsen

Wayne Patton

Nathan Picklyck

Ron Robinson

Laverne Rude

Kelly Scott

Alexander Spurgeon

Steve Spurgeon

Chris Tesarski

John Thompson

Ben van den Berg

Francis Villa Do Miu

Don Wales

Derek Weiss

William Wiegert

Geoff Wreford

Calgary Opera Association

Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

Calgary Pro Musica Society

Cantare Music Services

Catherine Glaser-Climie

G. Brent Cooper Professional Corporation

Spiritus Chamber Choir

Cantare Music Services

Gavin Bilton

Stan Climie

Stephen Spurgeon



Tools for Success

Tools for Success

Tools For Success

Drum Donors

Mazdak Darvishi

Corrina and Curtis Doell

Colton Hawke

Patrick and Lysamma Kornak

The Lister Family

Amy and Jeff Nielson

Don and Betty Plewes

Jill and Andre Rossier

Denise, Russ, Paytton, and Page Smith

Kelli and Geoff Wreford

Monica and Logan Zhang

Eugene Onegin Choristers (Katherine Jerrom, Garret Hykawy, Alex McAndrews, Payton Shaw)


Keyboard Donors


Anderson/Lee Family

Eric Bird

Georgia Bird

Doug and Karen Bird

Heather Bowie

Mathie Cabrera

Julia and Nichols Chahor

Mazdak Darvishi

Zoe Duquette

Pamela Fast

Susie Friesen

Arnie Froese

Helen Suisie Froese

Chantelle Gillies

Marley Gillies

Katelyn Gillies

Colton Hawke

Priscilla He

Victoria Ho

Laura Holk

Kierra Huthersall

Annika Hykawy

Garrett Hykawy

Patricia and Lysamma Kornak

The Lange Kids

The Larsen Family

Sofia Legge

Catherine Li

The Lister Family

The Lovett Family

Alex McAndrews

Connor McAndrews

Arvil Mogensen

Sylvia Mogensen

Caroline Myny

Avary Nielsen

Campbell Nielson

Cooper Nielsen

Jake Nielsen

The O'Connor Family

The Picklyk Family

Don and Betty Plewes

Cassandra and Danielle Rodberg

Jill Rossier

The Rude Family

Jorja Shaw

Payton Shaw

Emily Swanson

Leland Tester

Joel and Karsten Van Den Berg

Kelli and Geoff Wreford

Grace and Alison Yi

Monica and Logan Zhang

Rebecca Zivot

TOSCA Choristers