Touring is an integral part of Cantaré Children’s Choir. Sharing our music is a way of sharing our lives in a positive way. Music is a universal language. It binds the singers and directors to each other and to the audiences they meet. Traveling also broadens a singer’s knowledge of the cultures and people of our own province, nation and world. This knowledge of others brings greater understanding and appreciation of one’s own cultural heritage and oneself. The special bonding that occurs among the choristers while on tour also contributes to their growth as young people and enhances the depth of their performance. Although touring is not mandatory, it is highly recommended as a naturally occurring event in each singer’s Cantaré tenure.

There is a progression of touring within our program. Our Cantiga choristers are initiated to the touring experience with travel within the province of Alberta. In recent years, Cantiga has traveled to Southwestern Alberta (Pincher Creek/Crowsnest Pass area), Central Alberta (once to the Leduc area and once to Camrose and area) and Southeastern Alberta (Medicine Hat and area). Performances at schools, seniors’ centres and churches along with enrichment activities to local attractions and points of interest, make for a full and rewarding experience.

Our senior choristers, Cantaré and Cantando, travel further abroad. Every year takes us to a different locale, sometimes for a Festival, other times for our own concert tour. Over the past 15 seasons, our choristers' travels have taken them across Canada to Toronto (twice), Ottawa (twice), Niagara (twice) and Vancouver, and into the U.S. to Washington, DC, San Francisco and Oregon. Our international tours, every three to four years, have taken us to Ireland, Italy and Germany.


Upcoming Tour: New Orleans 2019

This summer, Cantare will be traveling down south to New Orleans, Louisiana to participate in the Crescent City Choral Festival.The festival offers young singers the opportunity to work with native New Orleans conductor Cheryl Dupont, guest composer/conductor Bob Chilcott, and sing with other choirs in one of America’s historic cities.

The festival will feature our singers in both treble and SATB ensembles performing famous choral masterworks as well as a new commission by guest conductor Bob Chilcott, himself a world-famous composter.


June 28 - Shared concert within the framework of the Crescent City Choral Festival

July 1 - Massed Choir concert within the framework of the Crescent City Choral Festival

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Past Tours


2017 battlefields

2016 Northern Lights

2015 Ottawa


2014 England

2012 Washington

2011 Newfoundland

2010 Ottawa

2009 Germany

2008 Niagara

2007 Vancouver

2006 Italy

2005 CME Toronto

2003 Niagara

2002 Ireland