Cantaré is a shining star among children’s choirs. Repertoire, vocalism, education, and spirit - Cantaré has it all. Any composer would be thrilled to have his music sung by Cantaré and taught by Catherine Glaser-Climie!
— Lee R. Kesselman, composer and conductor

Who could out-perform this amazing group of choirs that performed 18 pieces within a few days, consistently at the highest levels of artistry – technically, musically and emotionally?!
— Elroy Friesen, Professor of Music, University of Manitoba and Festival adjudicator

Since first working with Cantaré Children’s Choir in Dublin, Ireland in 2002 I have been enchanted, moved and delighted by the artistry and spirit that this wonderful choir and their amazing music director have brought to the many works of mine that they have performed, and to everything else that they do. Vive la Cantare!
— Daniel Brewbaker, composer

Cantaré Children’s Choir provided my daughters an unparalleled foundation for their music education. Besides a thoroughly professional and rewarding musical experience, my daughters developed relationships that I am confident will last a lifetime. THE CANTARE EXPERIENCE IS SO MUCH MORE THAN THE MUSIC!
— Richard Oppenheim, alumni parent
Through our daughter’s participation in Cantaré, she has had the opportunity to cast a light on her innate musical and vocal ability. In the process, she has learned the virtues of team play, organization, self-discipline and commitment. Above all, she has made many great friends with equally motivated kids just like her. It has been a great adventure.
— Dale and Cathy Ens, parents
My children are benefiting from this programme in so many ways - they are gaining great confidence performing for such large audiences, learning to read music, as well as getting exposure to a variety of musical genres. You know this programme is good when so many of the older children have remained with Cantaré for years!
— Beth Nilsen, parent
I am a father of two daughters in the Cantaré Children’s Choir (a third joining soon) and if asked to describe the benefit of the organization in one word, I would use the word “passion”. This passion creates incredible multifaceted development in the areas of music, language, history, teamwork, maturity, self-confidence and discipline to name a few. In a world where unconscious mediocracy seems so common and accepted, Catherine’s uncompromising focus on excellence instills invaluable life-long skills in the children.
— Damian Gillies, parent

Thank you so much for being an important part of the Requiem and for playing that part so spectacularly well. I had never composed music for children’s choir before and I was more than a little nervous! But you showed me I had nothing to worry about. I think I could have written anything and you would have responded with “Yeah, okay, no problem”. It was so great to work with you and to discover that my music was in such great hands. And you had the hardest part: you had to be birds AND sing in three different languages, one of which I bet none of you had ever heard before! Well done, everyone!
— Jeffrey Ryan, composer following Cantaré's world premiere performance of Afghanistan: Requiem for a Generation (November 2012)

Cantaré Children’s Choir has been the foundation for fostering a lifelong love for music. It has enabled me to see the world through different eyes and find my path in life.
— Alicia A, alumni
To me the choir was the program which catapulted me into music. I have seen the most beautfiul places, been with the most amazing people and created music that touched every one with this group. I loved it.
— Teighan F., alumni