Welcome Workshop (June)

An opportunity for the director to become better acquainted with the children and for the singers to meet each other will take place at our Welcome Workshop. It is expected that all choristers will be in attendance.


An orientation meeting for parents of all new and returning choristers in each ensemble will present plans for the upcoming season and begin the process of organizing our parent volunteer committees. Each chorister must be represented by a parent. 

Get in the Groove Workshop week

A "training camp" and a great way to start the year.  The children come for a uniform fitting and skill evaluation on Sunday afternoon and then enjoy four days together, either mornings or afternoons depending on ensemble.  

Mid-season WORKSHOPS (October, November, February)

Workshops provide the opportunity to focus on specific skill development and to work on a more individual and small group basis. At workshops we often focus on special activities - musicianship, vocal production, body maintenance (yoga), singing games, and movement.