Step 1 - Learn About Us


A musical journey of a lifetime awaits


Step 1 - Learn About Us


A musical journey of a lifetime awaits


Step 1: Learn About Us


Widely recognized as one of Calgary’s premier performing ensembles, Cantaré Children's Choir was formed in 1997 by Founder / Artistic Director Catherine Glaser-Climie to enrich the lives of children through the power and wonder of music.

Each week, over 150 children ages 6 through 18 come together in four ensembles to experience the joy of singing. Though they represent diverse abilities and backgrounds, our choristers are united through the study and performance of great choral music and discover that music can be a bridge to understanding. We aspire to instil ideals of compassion, sensitivity, consideration, commitment, tolerance, discipline, co-operation and teamwork. In addition to giving performances, choristers gain valuable training in musicianship, self-discipline, confidence, poise and teamwork. Singers enjoy meeting and getting to know other children who share their interests.

Cantaré's commitment to training young voices and the development of comprehensive musicianship skills and literacy is evidenced by the breathtaking magic of their performances and extensive range of choral repertoire at the highest artistic level. Dedicated to educating, nurturing and providing opportunities for children to express their artistic abilities, our choirs have performed for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Calgary Opera, the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Festival Chorus, Calgary Civic Symphony, Grammy-award-winning Bob Carlisle, and the Banff International Television Festival. This unique program offers four ensembles to meet the needs of differing ages and backgrounds.

Cantaré has earned the highest critical acclaim and an international reputation for excellence evidenced by numerous awards and invitations to perform at prestigious events abroad and with Calgary's finest professional ensembles. 

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The very finest sacred and secular works from all styles and periods form the foundation for musical learning and serve as basis for the curriculum. Concepts about music [melody, rhythm, harmony, timbre, dynamics, form, style and tempo] and musicianship skills [singing, vocal technique, ear training, literacy, theory, part work, diction, language skills, memory] are taught through great masterpieces of the choral tradition from the Renaissance to the most challenging contemporary pieces. The choir is especially known for showcasing a broad spectrum of contemporary music, especially works by Canadian composers. Our children sing in English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Latin and Spanish—and even the languages of Middle Earth!

In addition to giving performances. choristers gain valuable training in musicianship, self-discipline, confidence, poise and teamwork. Singers enjoy meeting and getting to know other children who share their interests.  Lifelong friendships are nurtured here.

The Cantaré Children's Choir Society is the organization formed by parents and community volunteers to share in implementing the vision of this unique choral program. Cantaré Children's Choir Society is incorporated as a non-profit society in the province of Alberta, and is recognized by Revenue Canada as a charitable organization.

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What others have to say

Cantaré is a shining star among children’s choirs. Repertoire, vocalism, education, and spirit - Cantaré has it all. Any composer would be thrilled to have his music sung by Cantaré and taught by Catherine Glaser-Climie!
— Lee R. Kesselman, Composer and Conductor

Since first working with Cantaré Children’s Choir in Dublin, Ireland in 2002 I have been enchanted, moved and delighted by the artistry and spirit that this wonderful choir and their amazing music director have brought to the many works of mine that they have performed, and to everything else that they do. Vive la Cantare!
— Daniel Brewbaker, Composer

Through our daughter’s participation in Cantaré, she has had the opportunity to cast a light on her innate musical and vocal ability. In the process, she has learned the virtues of team play, organization, self-discipline and commitment. Above all, she has made many great friends with equally motivated kids just like her. It has been a great adventure.
— Dale and Cathy Ens, Parents
Cantaré Children’s Choir provided my daughters an unparalleled foundation for their music education. Besides a thoroughly professional and rewarding musical experience, my daughters developed relationships that I am confident will last a lifetime. THE CANTARE EXPERIENCE IS SO MUCH MORE THAN THE MUSIC!
— Richard Oppenheim, Alumni Parent

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Step 2: Book a Placement Interview

Step 2: Book a Placement Interview

Step 2: Book a Placement Interview

Children who love to sing and wish to gain more experience and knowledge are encouraged to apply for membership in Cantaré Children's Choir. Placement interviews are a fun way to meet and become acquainted with our Artistic Director, Catherine Glaser-Climie, and are held each spring, summer and early fall to determine placement of prospective choristers in one of our four ensembles. Admission into the Cantaré Children's Choir program is based on interest, enthusiasm and commitment rather than on exceptional musical ability. We are looking for children who are eager to sing and eager to learn. I will dedicate myself to teaching you to sing at the very highest artistic standard – and I guarantee that we will have an enjoyable time together. 

Here are some of the traits that we look for in a prospective singer:

  • A co-operative and enthusiastic attitude

  • A clear, pleasant singing voice

  • A discriminating, musical ear

  • An ability to follow instruction / suggestions / corrections

  • Listening skills, which includes melodic and rhythmic memory

  • Self-reliance

  • Social skills

The interview is a very positive and non-threatening experience for everyone. Its aim is to reveal as much as possible about your musical potential. I understand that many children do not possess highly developed musical skills at this early stage in life, but I am eager to meet you and to hear you sing.

The interview will involve several tasks that you may or may not have done before, such as tone matching and vocal range exploration. All children usually do very well. I gradually increase the complexity of these concepts until you and I are both convinced that you have done your very best.

You will be asked to sing a musical selection of your own choice which reflects your musical development. If you are unsure what to choose, O Canada or Happy Birthday are an acceptable alternative. In addition, you are encouraged to bring along a musical instrument (a piano is provided) if you are pursuing private studies. You will be asked to play a short piece which demonstrates your level of proficiency.

The interview itself usually lasts about ten minutes; however, allow at least thirty minutes in the event of unforeseen delays. It is helpful if you arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time.

Placement in a specific ensemble is usually done in consultation between the parents, the child and the Artistic Director.

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Placement Interview FAQs

Placement Interview FAQs

Placement Interview FAQs


What to expect

  • Parents/Guardians will fill out some initial registration information

  • Candidates will be reviewed by our Artistic Director in one of our rehearsal rooms

  • We ask that parents/families not record audio or video of any placement interview

  • Placement interviews usually last 20-30 minutes


  • Candidates can prepare a song or special piece of music of their choosing, but it is not required.

  • We recommend your child arrives early so they can relax and be ready to sing for us

    PRO TIP: Geta lot of restful sleep the night before, drink plenty of . water and approach the placement interview with a positive attitude. You can do it!

What to expect from the interview

Relax… Have fun! What you don’t know, we’ll teach you!

  • We’ll ask some basic questions about age, school, and prior musical experience if any.

  • You’ll sing a few vocal warm-ups so we can assess your range and timbre

  • You’ll sing some melodic pattern by rote learning (mimicking melodies)

  • You’ll experience ear training (identifying the pitches you hear)

  • You’ll sing solfege (do re mi fa so la ti do)

Ultimately, your placement interview is time for us to get to know each other a bit better, as well as to become acquainted with your vocal abilities. But relax… we are not looking for perfection. We are looking for potential to grow and to learn and to smile.



What is Cantare Children’s Choir?

Widely recognized as one of Calgary’s premier performing ensembles, Cantaré Children's Choir was formed in 1997 by Founder / Artistic Director Catherine Glaser-Climie to enrich the lives of children through the power and wonder of music.

Does my child need music and/or voice training to audition?

Not at all! We welcome anyone to come sing with us! Placement interviews are roughly 30 minutes in length. If you have music prepared, that’s great! If not, that’s fine too. Our Founder/Artistic Director, Catherine Glaser-Climie, will go over some simple exercises and songs in the audition. Although prior music experience is helpful, choristers will have lessons on music theory and receive extensive vocal training.

What groups are there within the choir?

Divided into three main ensembles, Cantare Children’s Choir provides the best fit for any child who participates:

Our youngest ensemble, Cantilena (Ages 6-10), focuses on the basics of music theory and performance

Our intermediate ensemble, Cantiga (Ages 8-11), continues their musical development with more challenging repertoire. Vocal technique and musical literacy becomes more important for members of this ensemble.

Our most experienced ensemble, Cantare (Ages 11-18), is the premier performing ensemble of Cantare Children’s Choir. Rehearsals . offer increasingly difficult and exciting repertoire. Musicianship exercises are taught and designed to fine tune both the ear and the voice

Is there an age limit?

We accept choristers from ages 6-18. All are welcome in the ranks of the choir!

What if my child or music student doesn’t think they are good enough?

Some of our most successful choristers in the choir were initially reluctant to audition because they were afraid they weren’t good enough. If your child has a sincere interest, please encourage them to come see us anyway.

Does my child have to give up their school or church choir?

Absolutely not! Our choristers are encouraged to stay actively involved in all of their other choirs, as well as other activities such as sports and clubs. We try to be flexible with scheduling and attendance. That said, there is a commitment required for purposes of sound quality. If your child cannot make a large number of rehearsals, this may not be the right activity for them. We need to be able to work with a complete roster of singers.

How do I get uniforms?

Uniform fittings will be done at the beginning of our season. If you are joining us mid-season, we will arrange for an individual fitting time.

How much does it cost? Are there scholarships available?

Tuition for Cantare Children’s Choir is $915-$1200 depending on which ensemble your child is placed in. Annual tuition fees provide weekly instruction in the core problem. These are payable in either a lump sum or by instalments. We can customize payments to meet your family budget.

Because we seek singers with talent and potential talent, no matter the economic background, there are full and partial need-based bursary opportunities available.

Are there performance and travel opportunities?

Performance opportunities include opportunities to sing at high-level engagements locally and regionally. Our choristers are given the opportunity to tour during the summer time.

Anything else should I know?

Step 3: Register

Step 3: Register

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