Placement Interviews

Children who love to sing and wish to gain more experience and knowledge are encouraged to apply for membership in Cantaré Children's Choir. Placement interviews are a fun way to meet and become acquainted with our Artistic Director, Catherine Glaser-Climie, and are held each spring, summer and early fall to determine placement of prospective choristers in one of our four ensembles. Admission into the Cantaré Children's Choir program is based on interest, enthusiasm and commitment rather than on exceptional musical ability. We are looking for children who are eager to sing and eager to learn. I will dedicate myself to teaching you to sing at the very highest artistic standard – and I guarantee that we will have an enjoyable time together. 

Here are some of the traits that we look for in a prospective singer:

  • A co-operative and enthusiastic attitude
  • A clear, pleasant singing voice
  • A discriminating, musical ear
  • An ability to follow instruction / suggestions / corrections
  • Listening skills, which includes melodic and rhythmic memory
  • Self-reliance
  • Social skills

The interview is a very positive and non-threatening experience for everyone. Its aim is to reveal as much as possible about your musical potential. I understand that many children do not possess highly developed musical skills at this early stage in life, but I am eager to meet you and to hear you sing.

The interview will involve several tasks that you may or may not have done before, such as tone matching and vocal range exploration. All children usually do very well. I gradually increase the complexity of these concepts until you and I are both convinced that you have done your very best.

You will be asked to sing a musical selection of your own choice which reflects your musical development. If you are unsure what to choose, O Canada or Happy Birthday are an acceptable alternative. In addition, you are encouraged to bring along a musical instrument (a piano is provided) if you are pursuing private studies. You will be asked to play a short piece which demonstrates your level of proficiency.

The interview itself usually lasts about ten minutes; however, allow at least thirty minutes in the event of unforeseen delays. It is helpful if you arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time.

Placement in a specific ensemble is usually done in consultation between the parents, the child and the Artistic Director.